Welcome To Hospitality House Ministries

Since its founding‚ 30 years ago, Hospitality House Ministries shelters have served as a beacon of safety and support for countless men, women and children‚ searching for salvation from the pain and sin in their lives. The men and women whom the shelter serves might seem like faceless shadows if you were to pass them on the street. Most of us probably ignore them, conveniently forgetting that; in fact, they are just normal people living through the most difficult times of their lives. Sometimes due to their own choices, sometimes not.

When these men and women walk into our shelters, however, a different portrait emerges. Men and women that have been ‘forgotten’ by society, family, or friends, hear‚ perhaps for the first time, that God loves them, unconditionally despite their imperfections. And as they live together sharing their lives, walking daily in encouragement, some attending one of our several Bible studies, sharing with one another stories of their past and encouraging one another in conversation and in prayer, God’s love becomes tangible, acted out in the most unlikely Christian community.

We are so grateful for all of you who continue to faithfully support the Hospitality House Ministries with your donations, prayers and time. Your goodwill is a tremendous blessing to “the least of these” in Wenatchee, and therefore to Christ himself. Please pray that God would continue to use this ministry to bring love and healing into broken lives.

May God richly bless you!

James A Zumini, Executive Director